What are triggers?

Today I want to talk about triggers, something I had to deal with over a long period of time. I realized that the trigger would always be there, but the change comes when I need to respond. My response will reflect if I am still triggered. Let’s start off by asking the question, what is… Read more “What are triggers?”

Crippling Parenting!

People that were raised by extremely strict parents, how has that affected you as an adult? Asking this question and even just asking myself, the answers will switch on lights for you about your adult life. This post focusses on how strict parenting can have a negative impact into adulthood. How did being raised by… Read more “Crippling Parenting!”

Lessons and Reflections.

2021 was a very difficult year, it started off with 2 losses. We lost my father-in-law in January, this was a huge loss for us. One which took us a long time to process, but we allowed ourselves the space and time to deal. The COVID-19- virus has really caused a lot of damage, hurt,… Read more “Lessons and Reflections.”

16 years of marriage!

Happy anniversary to us. And just like that, we’ve hit 16 years of marriage. WOW. What a journey it has been, we have been in the valleys for years on end, with feelings of anger, loss, frustration and pain. Even thoughts of divorce. We have only ever had each other to depend on and rely… Read more “16 years of marriage!”


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