Simone Phillips

About myself: I am Simone Phillips, a blogger (www.11yearsofnappies.blog), content creator, and Influencer (@momwithtatts), this after having been a corporate mom for 15 years within the Financial Services space. I am a mama bear to 4 amazing beings, Ethan, Micaiah, Zoe and Eden and a wife of 15 years to an incredible man, Robert Phillips. I have been featured in an international magazine, Sheeba magazine for my article on self-awareness which was shared in Hong Kong as an inspirational piece. I have also been featured on numerous international blogs. Never did I think that after 15 years of being in the corporate space that my journey would allow me to write a book in the midst of a pandemic this during a painful time of losing my father-in-law. Sometimes in life we need to find the good in our darkest times and hold onto it.

Summary: My book is my journey, my story about being a woman, a wife and mom. This is my
truth straight from my heart strings as raw and as authentic as can be, this has made me who
I am today. A story about a girl who was lost, overwhelmed and who had no sense of being.
She had to make a conscious decision to stop existing and start living. She had to become intentional about her life.
My hope is that my story will inspire, impact and give hope to a woman, a mom, a wife, or
someone who does not know who she is, who is lost and overwhelmed with all the different
roles she has to play and the hats she is required to wear daily. I need for HER to know, she
can change things, and she can press the reset button on her life irrespective of her age.
That it is ok to let go of her past pains, triggers and batons that may have been handed over
to her. She is enough. She is worthy.