Lessons and Reflections.

2021 was a very difficult year, it started off with 2 losses. We lost my father-in-law in January, this was a huge loss for us. One which took us a long time to process, but we allowed ourselves the space and time to deal. The COVID-19- virus has really caused a lot of damage, hurt, and uncertainty.

This has really turned our lives’ upside down, but also brought a lot of awareness. 2021 has taught me a lot, so to start off it has taught me that it is never how it starts, but it’s everything about what you do in between to get you to the finish line. I managed to push through by not only writing a book but also publishing my very 1st book, 11 years of nappies. This is definitely my highest high for 2021, something I am incredibly proud of.

What are Lessons learned? These are experiences that stem from past activities/experiences that should be taken into account in future actions and behaviours. Something that has been learned through experience.

And has 2021 taught me some lessons, and I stayed present in each and every lesson. Why? Because life has taught be to stay present in my presence so that I don’t miss anything. I want to be present so that I can learn and deal. I don’t want anything passing me which then festers and later becomes a wound. We have had to learn to prioritize our mental health and our emotional well-being, it’s the inside that is more important, healthy stems from inside.

This year I realigned my life, my thoughts, my habits, and my energy. My time and my peace have become the 2 aspects which I do not compromise or play with. This year we hosted 3 very successful events this year, The Naked Truth, leadHERship and my book review. I wrote and published my book, had radio and podcast interviews, and had the honour of being a guest speaker at ladies events. I never thought any of this would happen, especially not with the way the year began.

Lessons I learned this year:

– Stay present in my presence

Lessons and reflections of my husband, Robert Phillips.

I’ve learnt that not attending church, God considers me an enemy.  That coupled with the fact that being employed for 30+ years, companies do not care for their employees. The pandemic is used as an excuse by many companies to consider their bottom line over years of loyal service. I’ve learnt that bank policies and laws are so outdated that people are drowning out there. One of the major lessons that I have learnt is that I need to depend on myself so that I can support my family. Starting my own business is key to survival. Key to leaving a legacy for my family.

On a lighter note, my wife’s tenacity has shown me that anything is possible. In the midst of a pandemic, she became an author and her book is touching many. Affecting them to change. Biggest lesson learnt is that family support is key for emotional and mental health. Like Nas says: “Health is wealth”.

A lightbulb moment for me was when my wife said that “love” does not hold marriages together but “commitment” does. As a married couple, we need to be committed to the process even when is hard too. Be committed to staying out of unsafe situations and most importantly, make sound decisions as a couple. For more on this join us 05 February 2022 at The Marriage Audit, How To? Book your seats if your married, engaged, dating, single, divorced, widowed, still thinking. Head on over to our blog and book your seats. http://www.11yearsofnappies.co.za

I can reflect that in the past year, my family is well and healthy and I am grateful for God’s blessings. I don’t feel worthy but He still loves me and my family and that’s all I hang onto.

To everyone who supported us this year, thank you. Thank you for your like, share or even comment on our posts. Thank you for your presence at our events. Thank you to those who have purchased a copy of my book. I, we appreciate all the love and support.

You will never learn the lesson if you are not present.

Stay present in your presence.