Feelings. Feelings. Feelings.

When last did you sit with your feelings?

Feelings are a very crucial and integral part of who we are. Feel. Deal. Heal OR Feel. Triggers. Bleed.

We live in a society which doesn’t allow us to feel our emotions for us to heal. We are simply expected to move on whether you have had the wind knocked out of your emotions orbit, whether you have lost your way or balance, you just continue.

Lately I have had Adele’s 30 album on repeat and her message is so real, so relatable, and so authentic. Adele has mastered the heart of not only finding a way to deal with her pain, she also has the ability to share her journey for people around the world to know that it’s ok to hurt, it’s ok to not be ok. But also so important to deal in order to heal. In one of her sons, I drink wine which so happens to be my favourite song on the album, she says, We’re in love with the world. But the world just wants to bring us down. By putting ideas in our heads. That corrupt our hearts somehow. How true is that? She goes on to ask, Why am I obsessing about the things I can’t control? Why am I seeking approval from people I don’t even know? How many of us can attest to this?

Let me ask you, what is the pain or trauma which has consumed your life, which has defined your life whether as an adult or as a child? Are trying to live life in an adult body yet operating from a place of the little 5-year-old girl? Or the little 9-year-old boy? I am sure you would agree that the 2 simply won’t find balance, they won’t be able to function in their daily living.

Today, I would like to encourage to sit down with the little girl or the little boy and start dealing with that pain, that trauma, that defining moment or else that space or compartment of pain you created will be your trigger in life for the rest of your life. You will never be able to see or appreciate the beautiful thing’s in life because you are operating from a place of pain. Don’t get me wrong, trauma, and pain at any age is extremely hard to deal with, healing is messy as hell, trust me but believe me when I say, it will be one of the best things you can do for yourself.

I urge you to sit down with your feelings and start dealing and healing. Empty out all your compartments of pain that you have locked up for so many years. Don’t allow your pain to continue being a trigger in your life because the pain or trauma was not your fault. Never underestimate pain, it sits within the compartments you have it locked up in, and somehow has the ability to play a part in your life decisions and choices without you even realizing.

Don’t allow the pain, the trauma, the struggle to dictate your abilities and capabilities. Give yourself the opportunity to operate from a place of healing. Please. I urge you to sit down with your feelings and start dealing so that you can heal. And if you need an outlet, find a therapist or church counsellor to help you. But start. You have nothing to be embarrassed about or shy about. Many of us have pain, we just hide it well. Because that is what society has us believing is normal and ok.

You have nothing to be embarrassed about or shy of when you are falling apart. Allow yourself the freedom and courage to fall apart and remember you are not alone.

You are worth it. You need it. Not only that, but you deserve it.

Remember, Pain is a lesson once you heal and a trigger if you don’t deal. Press that reset button, and change things around!


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  1. Thank you so much ‘Mone, Jesus Girl. Really your blogs are impactful insipring and informative. Truly you’ve gone through a lot in life yet you still care about others and seeing them living their purposes. You are fortunate to have a husband like Robert who supports you all the way.

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