Bloodline. DNA. Lineage.

Do you ever ask yourself, what is my lineage? What is my bloodline? Or what is your partner’s bloodline or lineage? Do you feel like your life is stuck in a vicious cycle? Have you been fervently praying for healing that has not manifested? Are you bound to an addiction that you can’t overcome? Are you, or members of your family, caught in a generational pattern of sin and suffering?

Let’s first understand what exactly lineage and bloodline means:

What is the lineage of the family? It is the line of descendants of a particular ancestor; family.

Your bloodline is your heritage or ancestry. In other words, your bloodline includes your parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, and so on. … Bond by blood.

What are generational curses?

A “generational curse‘ describes the cumulative effect on a person of things that their ancestors did, believed, or practiced in the past, and a consequence of an ancestor’s actions, beliefs, and sins being passed down.” Our families’ history and baggage impacts who we are as people, whether we like it or not. You may consider your family a blessing or consider them a burden because of the long history of negative traits they’ve passed down.

What are some examples of generational curses?

Generational curses can be any negative cycle a family traps themselves in, including: alcoholism, drug addictions, gambling, poverty mind-sets, marital affairs, divorces, abuse, and many more. Most people can identify at least one of these generational curses on one or both sides of their family lines. I know I can.

Now, I don’t know anything about my dad’s lineage, I have asked numerous times but simply turned away. How do I know what is good or bad in my DNA? My mother too I don’t know the real and true version of the bloodline because the history has so many versions and interpretations, what I do know is abuse, property issues and lack form part of my mother’s bloodline. Not being a family where having each other and loving each other as siblings is a norm. How do I know what to continue or what to end where it does not find my children? What is my father’s true lineage? What is my mother’s true lineage? I will probably never know. But that does not mean I leave it there, I now need to pray against any and all, any and every generational dysfunction, curses, and spirits that are known and unknown to me so that it does not find me any longer or my children. That is the bloodline my husband, Robert, married into.

Let’s move to Robert’s bloodline and lineage both Robert’s mother and his step dads bloodline has the curse of abuse which has followed the family for generations. But not openly dealing with issues and healing. These deep-rooted hurts one is required to sweep under the rug and find a way to function. Robert’s biological dads surname was Herbert, and we have no idea, information, or anything to go on. So again we don’t know the bloodline.

Sometimes these generational patterns are so rooted in our bloodlines that we don’t know when they began or who started them. But inevitably, who started the curse doesn’t really matter. What matters is what decisions you make, and whether you will break the generational curse or perpetuate it. When you break a negative family pattern, you not only heal yourself, but you help heal the bloodline (past, present, and future). With the above curses that has been in both bloodlines for generations, we simply cannot put our heads in the sand and continue. We now have to break these generational curse’s day in and day out. These bloodlines will never know our children, and its chains that has kept us bound and stagnant will have to break. I refuse to be defined by my bloodline, my DNA, and my lineage. I am so much more than that. We have a covenant with Christ, when he died on the cross and shed his blood for us, he made a covenant with us.

How Are Generational Curses Broken?

Naturally, children inherit qualities from their parents, whether spiritual, emotional, or physical. This is natural human biology by God’s design. While sin is also passed down, the effects do not have to be permanent. Christ makes change possible.

Prayer “Therefore, confess your sins to one another and pray for one another, so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person is very powerful in its effect.” (James 5:16) God seeks to hear from us and heal us from all the troubles we encounter in life. Though He allows suffering for our improvement, God is always willing and present to help us through our afflictions, including our generational problems. The Bible shows that prayer works and is vital for the Christian lifestyle.

On the cross, Jesus set us free to live a life full of peace, joy, and strength! However, in the courtrooms of the spiritual realm, the accuser brings legal claims against God’s people. These charges can prevent us from securing the breakthroughs that Jesus has already purchased on our behalf. When you pray bloodline prayers, you actively apply the power of Jesus’ blood to your life!

Through bloodline prayers, we can dissolve ancient spiritual covenants and claims that affect our daily lives. Praying over your bloodline will release you into truly living the life you are called to live.

Learn how to:

• Pray prayers that break the claims of curses off of your life and family.

• Step into the freedom and authority that the gospel makes available.

• Stop cyclical patterns of dysfunction in your family.

• Emerge into new areas of freedom and authority. These teachings include prayers to spiritually cleanse your bloodline.

I am getting ready to see cycles powerfully reversed, and experience the full manifestation of Jesus’ victory in my life!


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