11 Years Of Nappies book review.

The day finally arrived, 2nd October 2021, my book review. Finally, we got to talk 11 years of nappies and I got to hear peoples feedback and their reviews. We were hosted by The Workspace in Selby and the set up was absolutely beautiful.

When I wrote 11 years of nappies I was adamant that I wanted my book to be relatable, raw, and authentic. I wanted the reader to feel my journey and at times picture themselves. That is exactly what I got. People have really related to my book, most say when they started reading they couldn’t put it down. I want to take my readers on a journey where they not only relate but also to be inspired, impacted and given hope. Hope that they can make it through their situation, hope to know they can press the reset button and hope that they can stop existing and start living.

The people who attended really made my day, to everyone a heartfelt Thank you. For all our events, Melise Cannell is our go to caterer and man oh man did she blow us away yet again. The food was Amazing. Thank you Mel’s Catering for your wonderful food and for serving with such Grace.

I want to live in a society where we normalize the necessary and important conversations. We need more real and relatable stories and people. We need to share our experiences and our stories so that others can learn from it, we need to be each other’s survival guides. During my 20s, the most difficult time of my life I felt like an alien, I felt as if I was the only wife, woman, and mother going through what I was going through.

At my review, I had people from all age groups attending, we even had a gentleman. I was so surprised to hear that my book has impacted elderly woman, woman who have lived many more years than me. Not only that, I had an 80-year-old lady living at a retirement home, sent someone to my book review to buy her copy of my book. Maria is officially the oldest person to have bought my book.

Thank you to everyone who attended my review, thank you to all who have bought a copy of my book. Remember, It’s never too late to press the reset button, and you’ve got to start cultivating a healthy relationship with yourself before any other relationship. Everything starts with you. Choose you, choose to be intentional about your life and about yourself. Stop existing and start living.

To my family, thank you for all your love and support. My book would not be possible without you guys. To my MC for the day, my husband the incredible, Robert Phillips thank you. You did an amazing job.

It’s so easy to judge people with what we see on the outside, not knowing where they come from or understanding their journey. Don’t judge me by what you see, the pages of my book may tear you apart. Get your copy of my book on my website http://www.11yearsofnappies.co.za or on Amazon.

Remember, its never too late to press the reset button!

Simone Phillips.