‘How To’?

After our brand, 11 years of nappies hosted 2 very successful events, The Naked Truth and LeadHERship we stirred up quite an interest in one on one sessions and a lot of inquiries about certain topics. After publishing my book, 11 years of nappies, the interest in sessions just increased.

Rob and I decided that once our COVID-19 numbers and restrictions become less that we would start introducing our workshops which we’ve name, ‘How To’? So here we here, finally. 11 years of nappies presents our ‘How To’ workshops. And that is actually what our workshops will be about, how to marriage?, how to parent? How to overcome? Etc. These workshops will allow us to name each session where we will dissect and delve deep into that particular topic.

Our How To’ workshops will be interactive sessions, where we will all talk and share in a safe, non-judgmental space. Rob and I will share our experiences and our journey and provide tools on how we did it. We will take answer questions and simply share and encourage others. We are living in very trying, testing and overwhelming times, and we need each other. Furthermore, we are starting the conversation that many feel so embarrassed to talk about, the conversation of unspoken truths that are hurting us, that is causing families to be ripped apart, that is causing loss and simply breaking people from the inside.

We will kick off our workshops with our, How to Marriage? On November 27th at 13:30. Rob and I will talk about the ugly, painful and embarrassing parts of our marriage. Facing these helped save our marriage, so join us if you’re married, engaged, thinking of marriage, divorced, everyone is welcome. Single tickets are available and tickets for couples. Take this step with us to better or find tools to better your marriage.

It is time to normalize the ugly truths that are happening to us daily. It’s time to take the steps to save ourselves, to save our families, and to save the next generation. But we must take that step for the change to occur.

Book your seats, on our website today each workshop will have limited seating so book early.