2020, the year that will be recorded in the history books.

31.12.2020. A day most of us are happy to see, the ending of a year that has really turned our lives upside down. Who would’ve thought in the beginning of this year that our lives would be turned completely upside down?

2020, A year we would like to forget but never will because we experienced and lived through a pandemic and will forever be a part of history. A year that taught us that irrespective of your race, your qualifications, your belief and your financial status, we are all part of the human race. Covid-19 has evened the playing field, having us all vulnerable and unsure.

We have lost so much, to every person that may have lost someone during this year, our heartfelt condolences, we pray for peace, strength and love during the difficult days. To those suffering with mental illness, please reach out to someone for help or to talk. To those currently infected know of someone who is, we pray for strength and full recovery.

Man, 2020 has taught me so much but here are a few of my lessons:

  • To appreciate life, a lot.
  • I appreciate the small and simple things in my life.
  • I appreciate my family. — I appreciate my home.
  • I appreciate my physical, mental and emotional health.
  • I appreciate my income.
  • I appreciate every single thing that I have.
  • Live life and Live in my purpose, life is too short.

I have learnt to keep it simple. Live life simplicity. Most importantly, I am beyond grateful. Gratitude flows through my veins, daily. I have never been more grateful for what I have.

I asked our squad and hubby what 2020 has taught them, and here are their responses.

  • Ethan, it has taught me to be vigilant and appreciate everything. It has taught him to be focused.
  • Micaiah, grateful that his dad has a job and is able to take care of them and to appreciate everything.
  • Zoe, to stay safe and appreciate her family.
  • Eden Zyon, to wear a mask, stay home and social distance.
  • Rob, that our lives and happiness was dependent on fake things, earning a salary and going to restaurants. When lockdown came we had to confront ourselves. The lifestyle we thought is needed is actually not. Life is not about a salary, going out and socializing it as much as it is important and needed, it should not determine our happiness. Life is about the simple things. You and your family.

Remember, isolation is good. It allows for introspection and inward conversation. Be good to yourself, your family and those around you.

May the lessons of 2020 be the weapons to set fire to 2021.

Happy New year from our family.