Friday 18.12.2020, Robert and I celebrated 15 years of marriage and instead of having the normal get together, we decided to give back. We were overwhelmed by the amount of people who actually wanted to hear our story, people were booking their tickets, even reserving their seats.

We hosted our first event as the 11 years of nappies brand on Rob’s 46th birthday 19.12.2020. Furthermore, we named it, The Naked Truth. This was our way of sharing our journey, our experiences, our story. Yes shared it all and held nothing back. We spoke sexual abuse, physical abuse, addiction, lust, almost divorced, family, no support structure to finding our way out.

Two incredible brands, House Of Mack and Lola’s Takkies did not hesitate to come on board as our sponsors. House Of Mack sponsored a couple with a pedicure and Lola’s takkies sponsored a pair of personalized sneakers. We are grateful for the support in our brand.

We had Franks Gourmet Foods as our caterers, and they did not disappoint, everything was absolutely delicious. Felicia De Klerk was our decor lady and oh my, did she execute. She brought our vision to life. The place looked absolutely beautiful. Blessing, the pastry chef baked Robs birthday cake, and it looked amazing and tasted even better. Melise Cannell baked us delicious sweet treats, everyone loved it especially Rob and our girls they have a sweet tooth. I might not have a sweet tooth, but I absolutely enjoyed it.

To everyone, thank you. Our guests, man Rob and I read every one’s feedback forms, and it blew us away. We are so happy to hear people walked away with something, that people left feeling inspired by our story. The purpose of the naked truth was that people understand marriage is not easy, by sharing our struggles and how we overcame. We were real, raw and authentic and most of our guests said, that made us relatable. If just one person walked away feeling inspired, impacted and hopeful we would have been happy, but it seems as if the whole room left feeling this way and that right there is more than what we could’ve asked for.

To everyone, thank you making the day a success. Without every one of you, it wouldn’t have happened. To our squad thank you for your love and support, we are immensely proud of you guys, and we love you. To our photographer, our eldest son, Ethan great job son. Your work is incredible.

To those who couldn’t make it, you missed out but save the date 27.02.2021.

We go again! 11 years of nappies.

To be vulnerable is one of the bravest things you will ever do.