Yes, someone is officially a teenager! Its the BIG 1 3.. Whoop Whoop.

Our second eldest son, Micaiah Kethan Phillips AKA The Mix turns 13 today. Yes, 13 already. Today 13 years ago God blessed us with a son who is strong, caring, loving, confident, knows what he wants and so centered.


When we found out we were pregnant, we knew we wanted a strong, unique name. Like the rest of our kids, we knew that the meaning of their names needed to be strong and meaningful. No better name for our second born, our superstar. Our hero’s.




20200813_212426_0000Son today we hope that you always look ahead in life with a smile on your face and look back with fondness in your heart. We wish you endless joy in life on your birthday, and may it be filled with wonder and delight this year. We are grateful every day that you came into my world. Your smiles and laughter makes our heart smile and is so contagious. You have brought nothing but happiness into our life. Happy birthday, son!

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to feel such an all-encompassing love. You fill our days with warmth, hope, and joy. I hope your birthday is filled with the same.



Anyone who knows the Phillips crew, knows we absolutely love Liverpool, we are THOSE fans but let me tell you, this man is probably one of Liverpool’s BIGGEST fans. He absolutely loves the team. So to the Liverpool’s future number 9, we wish you the happiest of birthdays son and pray you are blessed beyond your measure and may this year exceed your expectation and blow your mind.


Thank you for being a wonderful kid, an amazing and helpful brother, a caring and loving brother to our pit bull babies. You are an Incredible human son, don’t ever change and go and pursue and chase your dreams. We will always be behind you, next to you. We will be there to support and cheer you on, to comfort and encourage, to lift you up, to cry with you, to laugh with you and help you along your journey of life.

Mom and dad loves you and remember nothing will ever change that.

We got you, son.