Is your creativity in a knot?

Creativity expands our perceptions and along with expanded perceptions come new ways from creating an exceptional design when you don’t know how to. With the global pandemic we find ourselves in, does not mean your creativity needs to stop. Being creative gives us opportunities to try out new ideas, and new ways of thinking and problem-solving. Creative activities help us acknowledge and celebrate our own uniqueness and diversity. Creativity encourages self-expression, a way to create something from personal feelings and experiences and that is exactly what one gets when using Design bundles. If you are a mom of paws like me, you will definitely love the paw print SVG files, check out these lovable paws.paw print svg” 

You may ask, what design bundles are? Well, Design Bundles started in July 2016 as a way to provide customers with affordable digital products such as graphics, templates, photos, patterns, and craft files. Not only can you browse over 150 000 products and save but you can also rest assure that they pride themselves on an outstanding reputation for Quality at Affordable Prices, not only do they provide affordable products they also provide you with free design templates, bundles and photos but customer service being their core focus means that you will be taken care of and assisted. You have the option to download free designs and fonts or if one really catches your eye you can purchase it on the website which is a secure site.

This is your one stop creativity shop whether you are a creative, an entrepreneur, a blogger, an Influencer or a mom. Being creative requires one to have options and not be limited and design bundles helps with that. You can design from birthday party invites, to banners for your blog (like me), templates, flyers, book publishing, mock-ups, creating travel scrapbooks, designing clothing ranges even business cards, and yes with 2020 being turned upside down with the global pandemic we find ourselves in you can now start your Christmas designs in August, merry christmas svg

Not only am I a blogger, an influencer and content creator but also a mom therefore required to design and stay creative all the time. I personally use canva templates for my daily social media posts, I also make use of the banner templates for my blog. Not forgetting greeting cards, invites the list goes on. But having such an incredible go to as design bundles, it makes my life so much easier. Anything I need for my business designs or my personal designs this is where I go.

As crazy as this sounds, I am not a creative being but with using design bundles one would think I am a creative genius. Design bundles just gets your vision. Below are few designs I created from the Design bundles website. What I have learned is, Creativity is a skill to be learned, practiced, and developed, just like any other. Juggling takes practice, as does bike riding, cooking, and driving a car. Creativity is no different. The more you make creativity part of your daily life, the more it will grow. Why not let design bundles grow with you and your creativity. At design bundles, no design is too small, too big or too complicated. With all the various options to choose from one’s creativity is not limited.

I design and create templates daily from motivational quotes, to cool seasonal photos, to daily what’s for dinner menus at our home. These go on my social media platform stories daily. Using design bundles helps me. Here are a few examples of what I have used. With us having to home-school our kids, this totally speaks to me, Teacher-powers-svg


Here are a few more of my designs.

These are easy to download and save. Freedom of expression right at your fingertips. I absolutely enjoy making use if this Incredible brand, and so should too. Designing and creating is a part of the 21st century, don’t be left behind. Allow your personality to shine through your creativity.

So, like me I had no idea what an SVG file was until I read up on it and now have a better understanding. Check out this link to help better understand. SVG Files

You may ask why it’s important to be creative. Read this article it will definitely answer the question. Create

So, if your creativity is in a knot, allow design bundles to untangle your flow!