16 years! Not our Wedding Anniversary though!

What a day. I remember it as if it was yesterday. On a Wednesday 7th July 2004, Robert and I made our relationship official. He asked to be my boyfriend and I said yes…

And the journey began!

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Man, we have been through the most. We had a volatile full of turbulence non-stop roller coaster of a relationship for the first 7 years. When I think back of what we have been through, what we have overcome, Love is the only reason I can come up with as to why we made it.

From baby mama drama, to addiction, to physical fighting, to not being accepted, to constant fighting, to trying to figure out parenthood and marriage to find out about childhood pain, it was a lot. Too much at times. Looking back I can honestly say we both didn’t know who we were when we met to the first 9 years of our marriage. We were winging it. Failing and getting up again and again. We kept going.

But, change came in 2009 when an honest conversation and painful experiences came to light which led to counselling and healing. But that only happened because we both had to make a conscious decision that something needs to give. I always say had it not been for Pastor Neil and all his hard and brutally honest conversations with the both of us, we wouldn’t be married today.

As much as we’ve been down, hurt and isolated we never gave up on each other and that has led to many Incredible highs, countless breathtaking moments, and unforgettable memories which I wouldn’t trade for anything. We have weathered the storms and 16 years later here we here.


We have a beautiful family, our squad. You have found you, Robert and I have found me. We have learned to take care of ourselves first, we’ve realized we matter, and we have started to Love ourselves. Today, we can love each other fearlessly and unconditionally. We take care of each other and spoil each at every opportunity.

We lead by example so that our squad can take our lead. We live well so that in our old age we are healthy and strong. You love me which shows our daughters what Love is and how they can be loved. You love me which teaches our sons how to love. You are the man I prayed for from the age of 14, yes you didn’t come ready but no diamond ever comes out ready at first. You were and still are a work in progress and so am I. We make mistakes, we fall, but we always get up together. Always.

Because of you, I am able to be my true self, I am to live my truth, and I am able to do what I love and I thank you for that. If I could choose my person in my next life, I would choose you over and over again. I love you, RD.

Now from the man himself.

I see that day differently. With my ego. I waited anxiously because that was the day you chatted to your ex and wanted to know his future plans. Luckily for me, you chose me.


Took me a while to see you. To see your worth. To see the reason why our paths crossed. A lesson to all who go into a relationship…leave the past behind.

A drama-filled 7 years blurred the love you had for me. We lost a lot. But your stubbornness prevailed and I eventually left the act behind. The most important lesson I have learnt loving you is to love myself.

The past 7 years have been healing and refreshing. I see the reason why I was born and embrace it. I’m rich and health and face my fears because of your bold and courageous spirit. It’s not over yet.

Still, a long way to go but it’s a road I will gladly take with you. THANK YOU.


I love you baby. You are my missing piece to me.

And so our journey continues…



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