Eden Zyon turns 8!🎁💕👑💕🎁

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Today 8 years ago, I gave birth to our youngest of 4, our last born Eden Zyon. Born on the 19 June 2012 at 7:30am via c-section weighing 2.9.

FB_IMG_1466259222409We decided on her name because of its meaning as we did with all our kids. Meaning was more important to me, I wanted their names to carry strong meanings.

While giving birth to Eden my body went into total shock, my blood pressure dropped and I had tears running down my face telling God, I am done, I cannot do this another time. Rob was with me at every Doctors visit of all our kids, he was present at all their births and cut their umbilical cords. However, during Eden’s birth Rob looked at me crying and said for this birth I will stand on this side of you, I can’t see you cut open like that again. I looked at Rob and said, I am done.

quicksquarenew_2020618202218907Today Eden Zyon is 8 and man is she an absolute pleasure, a delight just as her name suggests. She completes the puzzle, she completes the family. She brings the squad together.

She is one feisty, confident and sassy girl, Eden always knows what she wants. No matter what it may be, gifts, clothes etc she just knows, and she doesn’t change her mind and does she speak her mind and extremely opinionated. If confidence was a person, her name would be Eden Zyon.

IMG-20200503-WA0033Her confidence and self believe is mind-blowing at her age but Rob says she definitely takes after me. We cannot imagine our lives without our delight.


So today, as a family we would like to wish our last born, our baby Eden Zyon a very happy 8th birthday.


May you be blessed beyond your measure baby and May you excel in all areas of your life and simply live out your life in your full purpose, your gifts and your talents.


Don’t ever dim your light because you were born to shine. Remember you are a force on your own and you are always backed up and cheered on by 5 people who love you unconditionally and without end.


You are LOVED!

You are ENOUGH!

You are worthy!

You are Incredible!

We love you baby!