Happy 2nd blog anniversary!

Happy 2nd blog anniversary to us!

Hip hip hooray!

WOW. 2 years already? What a journey.

I’ve learnt so much in the past 2 years. Blogging has become my passion, who knew I would develop a love for writing. I started off as a blogger in June 2018 after being fired from a company who condoned racism which I fought against. I simply couldn’t sit back and watch blatant inequality happen to me and every other person of colour and do nothing. I just couldn’t. Because I called out the racist actions of people, the victimization and the slave mentality I fortunately paid the price by losing my job. Yes I said fortunate.


After taking the matter to court and winning my case I used the money to start up my blog and my business. A blessing in disguise. The first year of blogging, I had to find my feet, my corner, and I asked many questions. Most people weren’t helpful at all, others spoke in public about offering their help to other bloggers starting out but in private it was a different ball game, no help.


I had to reach out to complete strangers in different countries asking for advice and support. My first year was a learning curb, I asked, I tried, I failed, I failed again. At times I got it right but most times not. Some days I was ready to give up but then I would get a message, a DM thanking me for the work I do and that I shouldn’t stop. Those messages of support kept me going.


It’s as if people didn’t want to help me and support me but that didn’t stop me. I posted and posted. I stayed determined, relentless and I was persistent. I just kept grinding. It was tiring but I simply kept going. Year 2, it just broke for me. Things fell into place. My hard work and persistence paid off.


I didn’t give up on myself. 2nd year I moved from just a blogger to being a content creator, an Influencer and a brand ambassador, I never thought my blogging would open up new avenues.

Things I never even thought of but because I believed in myself and knew I could do it, I was relentless. In my 2nd year, I lost a lot of people, received backlash for my content, received countless side eyes and judgements. I had a lot of people starting to copy me, steal my content and simply hated what I was doing. Had I focused on all that I would not be where I am today? I had to shut out the noise and stay focused on what I wanted to do and achieve.

This 2nd year really brought on growth. I started brands and bloggers reaching out to me to guest write on their blogs, to review products and to create content. Only in my second year did I start generating income.


What I’ve learnt in these 2 years is to stay true, authentic and relatable. I have no desire to be anything or anyone else. I have my own story to tell and I have no problem sharing my journey. If my story is meant for you then you will feel inspired but if not it’s ok, it just means my story is not for you. Doesn’t mean I will stop.


Someone needs to hear me. Hear my journey. Hear my story. As we move into our 3rd year I will be doing more public speaking, Motivational talks and continuing to create authentic content.

I have also learnt to be PRESENT in my PRESENCE! And to pay attention who claps for me when I am winning!

To everyone who has subscribed to my blog, who has liked a post, commented on a post or even shared my posts, thank you. Thank you for the love and support. I am beyond grateful.

Thank you.


Thank you to my husband for always supporting me and allowing me to simply be me. Thank you to the squad for the love, encouragement and support. I love you guys.


Thank you, Lord, for allowing me to walk in my purpose.

Cheers to many more wonderful and beautiful years!🥂


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