Zoe’s 11th birthday on REPLAY!

Zoe’s birthday on REPLAY.

On the 14th May 2020 our daughter Zoe Michal turned 11 and I had just had my operation and could hardly talk let alone stand and couldn’t celebrate her the way I promised.

Anyone that knows me, knows that I am all about celebrating life. I promised Zoe that I  would make her cake pops,  coloured doughnuts and treats. I also promised her that I would do her hair, nails and a photoshoot.A
A promise I make to my squad is a promise I keep even if its not on the exact day but I will get it done therefore a birthday Replay is a given.

Who says one can’t be celebrated twice?
We never stick to the norm!

I get to hang out with the prettiest 11 year year old and the coolest squad.

Fun was had, smiles and laughter all around. That is what I live for..

Zoe is 11 and she is Gorgeous!!

Happy 11th REPLAY birthday, Zoe.

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