Gratitude Flows.

We live in such a fast pace world that sometimes we take things for granted but Today I want to pause and have a moment of Gratitude.

Last week I was admitted to have an operation done which I have been putting off simply because of my fear of hospitals, yes I don’t like hospitals but I couldn’t put it off any longer.

Since last week Tuesday until today, my husband Robert Phillips has been taking care of me. He was booked off from work in order to take care of me. This man took care of not only me, but the squad, their homeschooling, my dad, the house, cooking, our pups and everything else in between. Not once did he complain, he smiled every time he brought me my soup and my medication and always asked how I was feeling.

On Saturday I could get off our bed to walk around the house a bit and let me say my touch was not missed. Our home looked like home. The squad was chilled and ready for their walk with their dad, my dad was ok and our pups were happy. I couldn’t have asked for anything more.

One day I want our daughters to find men wiyh your qualities and for our son’s to have your qualities as a man, dad and husband.

Honey, this is like second nature to you, you’ve never missed a Dr’s appointment even during our pregnancies you were at every check up, you did not miss any birth and you were there to take care of me.

Today I just want to thank you, my person for being such an Incredible human. Thank you for loving me the way you do, thank you for taking care of me the way you do. Thank you for taking care of our beautiful children and our home.

I love you honey. I appreciate you and I value you. Today I want to celebrate you for the man you are. Thank you.

I am so Thankful and Grateful for you.

You truly are one in a million. One of a kind. My kind…

I love you RD.

You are Love.

With love,
Your girl.