Zoe Michal turns 11🎁💕

11 years ago at 19:35 our eldest daughter Zoe Michal Phillips was born weighing 2.9 kg, and she was ice white, her uncle even named her Caucasian Zoe…


For the first time and finally Rob and I could buy some pink items, lol. I think we went overboard because everywhere you looked was pink.


With Zoe, we only found out at 21 weeks, 5 months in that we were pregnant, shocked, emotional scared and not forgetting the shortest pregnancy of our lives. And boom just like that she was born 14th May 2009.

We named her Zoe because it means Life, and abundant life is exactly what she has brought into our lives.



To our forever baby, we love you sweetheart. Always remember we are always on either side of you, you will never be alone, and we will forever be your biggest and loudest cheerleaders.

From your brothers, Ethan and Micaiah, your sister, Eden Zyon and mommy and daddy we love you baby. We’ve got you. Always.

Happy 11th birthday baby 💜🎁