Day 10 of the 21 days of lockdown!

It’s been 10 days already?

Rob, the squad and I have been so chilled these last 10 days. We plan our days so that we keep busy and prevent the squad from getting bored.

The squad still get their screen time and free time to play, but everyday they have an hour to read, they decide on the time and for an hour they read.

The past 10 days, we’ve been:

— Spring cleaning and disinfecting the house and the yard.

— The squad washed our cars
— We’ve cleaned our garage and driveway
— We’ve had 5 film nights we each get a turn to pick a film
— Friday we had a talent show and boy did we have fun.

Check it out on our YouTube page.

— We’ve had a few cold, rainy days, so we snuggled up and just chilled.

Today, I decided to give Rob the Sunday off. He usually cooks our Sunday lunch meals but today I decided to cook and I turned it up all the way up. I tried out a new dish and boy was I surprised. My people loved it. Chicken strips with spinach and a creamy parmesan cheese sauce, served with roast chicken and avocado salad, yes Avo. My absolute favourite.
Can’t remember when last I got so many compliments on a dish.

Rob decides that his going to end the Sunday on a sweet note by making his famous and delicious cinnamon wheels, OMG.

They are absolutely delicious!

The squad has suggested we open our own little restaurant and pastry shop and already decided the name is 11 years of nappies.

This lockdown has just brought us even closer as a family, and we just enjoy each other’s craziness.

This week ahead we’re having homeschooling every day, we also have a #stayathomechallenge and a lip sync battle.

What have you been up to?