Life Unusual!

On the 23rd March our President announced that our country, South Africa would be on lockdown from the 26th March for 21 days until the 16th April 2020 due to Covid-19. As at 08:12am this morning our affected count was at 709 with no deaths, yet. We pray it stays that way.

After the announcement we spoke to our kids to let them of what exactly would be happening as much as this affects us as adults, our children are also affected. This is different, strange and scary for them, it is important to continue the conversation with them, so they feel safe at all times. As a mom of 4, my kids well-being (mental, physical and emotional) is my biggest priority. I will protect and cover them for as long as I live (my warrior, lioness spirit).

So, a few things we’ve decided to do individually and with the squad.

— Firstly Rob suggested we keep journals for the 21 days when we write down our thoughts and feelings each day, I absolutely love this because it provides the squad with an outlet and allows feeling what they’re feeling.

— We will be eating foods to boost our Immune systems and drinking lemon and ginger water daily.

— Twice a week we will have board game nights and movie nights with popcorn and treats. Squad’s choice.

— The kids will have creative, art days. They can draw, create something or do puzzles.

— Weather permitting because we are currently in Autumn we would be swimming.

— Reading will most definitely be on the cards.

— Washing our cars with good music playing.

— We will disinfecting and cleaning the house and the yard once a week, just to keep things clean.

— One of my favorites, the squad wants me to teach them to bake and cook so that’s exactly what I will be doing, I will share some videos on our YouTube page so check it out. It will be completely unfiltered and unedited. Cooking and Baking with the squad.

— Then one everyone’s excited about is our family talent show, each person prepares something (a song, a dance, a poem etc) it can be anything, they (Rob and the squad) and shows it to the family and yes mom is the judge.

— Yes we will also just chill around the house, kids will have screen time, and they can stream movies, watch their shows on YouTube and play PlayStation.

We have my dad who is 75 years old living with us, who has prostate cancer, so we’re going to be including him in some of these activities. But he says he wants to read and relax.

— Not forgetting playtime with the puppies, riding bikes and roller skating in the yard. Nothing like some vitamin D, the pups favorite time.

– My time.. DND (Do NOT Disturb), I will be completing my online social media marketing course, catch up on my reading and relax.

Because we are such home bodies, we don’t foresee too much relentlessness and frustration. Home is where we love to be, it’s our Haven.

To every country, family and individual affected by COVID-19, our thoughts and prayers are with you daily.

#stayhome #staysafe