Covid 19, Reality Check! Our Experience.

On Monday, Rob and I decided to take the family for testing at our Medical Centre just to get to the door to be met by the rude receptionist telling us the Doctors will not see any patient that may have travelled or that may have come in direct contact with a person that has COVID-19. We were told to go to Flora Clinic, they are the only clinic in Johannesburg that are assisting.

We then head over to Glenanda Clinic (Public Clinic) hoping they could help just to be told, they have no testing kits yet to assist. You can only imagine my and Rob’s reaction. We were totally shocked, how is it that our Health department is taking this matter so lightly.

Italy did the same and look at the devastating effects that has now hit the country. Tuesday we spent our time calling around to find a centre close to home, we contacted Mulbarton hospital who referred us to Lancet Laboratories in Alberton. Rob contacted them, and he asks them which documents we would need. The lady politely says simply bring along your Identity cards and medical aid card.

Today, we head out early and get tested to our surprise, Lancet Laboratories says we can not be tested without a referral letter from our Doctors. We explained that our Doctor did not even want to see us so it will be rather difficult to get a referral letter from him. Lancet simply refused to test us. We had to call the Doctors room and demand the note because they were not willing.

Eventually the referral letter is emailed, we had it printed and headed off to the Lancet. We completed the forms, handed our medical aid card and in less than 10 seconds we had this long ear bud placed at the back of our throats and done. All that trouble to be tested in less than 10 seconds, and we were charged R1200 per person.

Beyond ridiculous, because Corona does not discriminate.

What happens to those people who don’t have R1200 to be tested? Or those that don’t have medical aid? We are sitting with a Global epidemic yet our government is not taking this matter serious. Our government has made no provision or plan for the poorer population.

The population of South Africa is living like nothing is happening. Italy did the same and look at where they find themselves today. Other countries with less population than ours have taken serious measures to stop the spread of COVID-19, yet we are battling to simply get tested.

I am beyond disappointed as a citizen of this country. Our family will be self isolating.