Pitch Perfect!

I made a conscious decision that 2020 will not just be another year, that I will allow myself to try new things step away from my comfort zone.

I knew with doing this I would learn a lot would be required of me. Yes, I would get it right some times, yes I would get it horribly wrong at times too, but I am open to learn, to grow, to evolve and to develop. I cannot achieve all that if I stay in my comfort zone and constantly doing what I am good at.

So, I stepped out. I applied to be a guest writer for, Sheeba magazine. The Sheeba brand, not only does it showcase, promote and connect creative minds like myself but Sheeba guides and Inspires International readers. We as creative minds are given a platform to advertise and grow through your brand through print, digital and social media which is an Incredible opportunity for any talent or creative.

Not knowing what to expect, I was asked to pitch a few ideas for the fashion or health section of the magazine. And, I simply applied myself. I submitted a pitch on Self awareness as I strongly believe one cannot have a fashion sense or aware of one’s health without being self-aware.

As I always do, I spoke about my journey and my experience. I just kept it as simple and real as possible and….

I am so proud to say, Sheeba Fashion and Eco Living Magazine has published my article in their magazine. Please check it out.


Here is a link to it:


I stepped out into unfamiliar territory and I did it and I will continue to stretch myself because I am capable of so much.

2020, I will not limit myself, my capabilities and abilities.

Whatever you think of doing and you not sure of or you’re feeling anxious or unsure, just try it. You never know!!

Simone Phillips.

Blogger and Content Creator


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  1. That’s brilliant Simone, I’m so pleased you pushed out of your comfort zone & pursued your dream – the first of many I have no doubt – really well done xx


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