Happy 14th Wedding Anniversary to us πŸ₯‚

Today is our anniversary.β€πŸ’

We celebrate 14 years of marriage today. What a journey it has been! We’ve had many lows, some Incredible highs and shared some memorable moments and none I would change.

Today, I love him more than I did 14 years ago. We have grown, levelled up and grown into our own. We are FAR from perfect, flawed and imperfect, but we were built to handle each other’s flaws and imperfections.

Understanding, communication and Love is what we overdose on in our marriage. We talk a lot, we spend time together which is a non-negotiable, and we have our dates. Sometimes our evenings are so busy that date nights become impossible then we sneak in a lunch dates while the squad is at school.

Marriage is not easy but if both your minds are made up to make it work and to work at it then nothing and no one will stop you.

Rob and I had an important conversation today:

1. What the other must stop doing?

2. What the other must start doing?

3. What the other must continue doing?

This helps us understand where we at and makes us realize we are all work in progress.

Cheers to my husband for sticking it out with me, Thank you, God, for your Grace and to us both for loving each other through it all.

As we continue to level up, evolve and be better beings.

Happy Anniversary honey. I love you and my soul smiles everyday.

Let’s continue riding and doing life together πŸ₯‚


8 thoughts on “Happy 14th Wedding Anniversary to us πŸ₯‚

  1. Congratulations! I hope you get some time to enjoy with just each other and reminisce on all the great memories you’ve had together.


  2. Congratulations and Happy Anniversary to you! 🎊 I love the questions you ask each other. Great way to focus what what you both need.


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