How good are you at communicating?

How good is your leadership?

Come on moms and wives, do we communicate as well as what we should?

In the recent years I’ve learnt that communication is vital because we only cause ourselves a disservice if we don’t.

Holding things in and not being open about how you feel is not good for your well-being, your growth or your health. And expecting the next person to know what you’re thinking or feeling is unfair.

Rob and I have been together for 15 years, but married for 13 (soon it will be 14 years), even with having been together so long I cannot expect him to read my mind all the time, most times he gets me but I always communicate. Rob probably thinks I am an over communicator, lol. But rather be an over communicator than someone that holds it in.

Who of us as wives and moms get tired of housework, kids, shouting, instructing, cooking, driving, shopping (no, we never get tired of this), doesn’t make us bad moms or wives it makes us human. When we feel tired of our daily duties, do we communicate this with our spouse?

Or, do we start getting frustrated and upset? Or do we just keep quiet, hold it in for it to build up and one day we have this massive explosion that no one saw coming?

Friday was one of those days when I was simply tired. I just need to breathe. So, I sent Rob a message saying, I am exhausted of housework, kids, driving etc I just want to relax, unwind and be treated like a lady and a woman. So instead of being angry and frustrated, I let Rob know exactly how I feel, now he knows how I feel and understands.

As my person he will ensure I get rest I need, and he will take care of me and of stuff because we are a team. Now look, I don’t have this feeling often so the day I do say I am tired he totally gets it.

We wear different hats as woman, it’s the woman, wife, mom, sister, daughter, aunt, friend etc and it’s a role we play for each and sometimes it gets overwhelming where you just need to step back and breathe.

Let us learn to communicate better with ourselves, our partners and even our kids. Our kids will learn their communication skills from us. Friday when I pick up my squad from school, I let them know how I feel, so they too can understand.

I can’t be in a sudden mood and tried without communicating with them what is going on. So, when they are feeling a certain way or having an of day that they know they are in a safe space to be able to communicate how they feel.

Let’s communicate mama‘s and wives.
It’s best for us and the surrounding people.

Thank you.

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