Don’t lose yourself in Marriage or in Love💍

Part 3 of our Love and Marriage Series continues.

Today I am going to talk about self within the marriage.

Now, me more than anyone knows just how easy it is to lose yourself. We wear different hats, mom, wife, daughter, sister, friend that we forget the self hat, the woman hat which is the most important one.

In my 20s I lost me, I was pouring into my kids and husband even if I was empty, I would still continue to pour.

Suddenly when I hit 30 reality struck, I realized I forgot about me. I had to find me. After 5 years, I know who I am, I do me completely Unapologetically, I take care of me first.

My well-being is more important than anyone else. I have learnt to put myself first. I have taught myself that self-love and self care is a necessity, a non-negotiable.

I have started enjoying my own company, I take myself out for a coffee, breakfast or lunch. I have fallen in love with me.

All of this, I couldn’t have done without the love and support of my husband. He has allowed me the space to find me and that is so important.

We must allow our partners to be the best version of themselves, support them, encourage them and love them.

We must take care of ourselves in marriage, don’t lose yourself. Be confident, know who you are, take care of yourself, stay sexy and I can guarantee you, you will feel Amazing and your husband will love you even more.

Don’t lose yourself under the different hats you wear.. If you have, it’s ok, it’s time to find her and create her.

Find your inner Goddess, every woman is a Goddess, she just needs the courage to fall, the spirit to rise and the resilience to stand.