Dear Stomach

Today I end off my September Series, Dear body by taking about my stomach.

Dear Stomach,

35 years of ups and downs, we’ve been through a lot. You were once flat with a belly ring and I showed you off, often.

We have gone through times when you were hidden. I never liked looking at you because I would see a big stomach and stretch marks, AKA my love lines but I had to come to realization that you have carried me through 4 pregnancies, YES 4.

You were stretched, pulled and tucked and without I would not have been able to have my squad. Today I am thankful for our journey and for the stretch marks (my love lines) Because it reminds me that I brought 4 Incredible human beings into this world.

Thank you for the reminder. I never showed you real appreciation for carrying me. Without you, I would not have been able to carry my squad, without you I would not be a mom, without you I would be able to digest my food, thank you stomach for the role you’ve played and is still playing.

No more hateful words or thoughts just love and appreciation.

I promise to take care of you.