What a Journey!

Don’t judge and be envious of the chapter you walk into, you don’t know the journey.

Today I thought I’d take you through mine and Robs weight journey.

When I met Rob I was 20 years old, young, super sexy (yes couldn’t resist) and stylish, Rob was 30 (yes my man is 10 years older than me).

When I hit 28, I was a mom of 4. After our second born in 2007, I gained 18 kg and this pic was taken in October 2007, our son was 2 months at the time. Rob had also gained weight.

Now, they say a picture says a thousand words, let me tell you a few of those words. In this picture you see 2 people. But what you don’t see, 2 unhappy people, unhappy with themselves, insecure, hurt, abused, rejected and disappointed. I guess broken would also describe us.

But we kept going, doing our best with just the 2 of us. Raising our tribe. Our lives were so busy with work and raising the squad that we forgot about ourselves.

In 2014, I turned 30 and decided its time for things to change. With me being 30, I changed my mindset. I made a conscious decision that I am going to change my life. My self discovery journey began.

I started dealing with me, my weaknesses, my strengths, my circle, my job, my life etc. I discovered things about me that I didn’t like and needed to change, I discovered the true and real me. I started loving me, respecting me and being good to me. I realized I love tattoos and started in my ink journey.

This was no easy journey, I realized a lot and I lost a lot too including friends and family. I discovered that people were in my space not to elevate me, not adding value to me, not uplifting me, not encouraging me but simply taking from me, draining me, only withdrawals no deposits or Investments and I had to put an end to it.

In 2016, Rob made up his mind that he needed to lose weight and find his happy space and boy has he found it. Rob is in the gym at 5 every morning no matter the weather or season. He is so disciplined and committed it blows my mind. His at a point where his gym is non-negotiable. He has lost so much weight it shocks me at times. He represents progress so well. I am so proud of him for being so consistent, disciplined and focused on changing his life and taking care of himself.

The picture below was taken December 2018 at Robs birthday party. Boy oh boy, have we come a long way.

These are 2 people who love each to the core, they ride for their squad and these days they don’t mind raising their squad alone, they are focused on bettering themselves, they are committed to building an empire for their squad, the love themselves and most importantly they know who they are.

Now, let’s not be so easy to envy the next person by the chapter you walk into.

Life is a marathon, embrace your journey!

Before and After.

Anything is possible but it starts with your mind.

Robert & Simone Phillips

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