Dear Legs,

Hey everyone.
Today I have an awesome guest writer fellow blogger mama from the UK, who is writing to her legs today.

A guest post from the beautiful and talented Mercedes Prunty, from the blog

Here she is.

Hi, my name is Mercedes Prunty and I’m a mummy, wife, makeup artist, beauty blogger, Vlogger and author from the UK, and for a long time me and my legs have not seen eye to eye at all!

They used to be loved, as a teen I was long legged and slim, and couldn’t resist a cute dress for a day out or some comfy shorts in the sun when it was hot, but as I got older, had my children and they aged with me, I began to feel they were not hot enough anymore to be let loose on the world.

Stretch marks began to show during my pregnancies, I was very slim but put on a lot of weight growing my babies in my tummy and making sure they had to best start in life. I became a little lazy too with what I ate and I didn’t think about the consequences and soon cellulite began to show (Which I know, almost every woman gets) but it really knocked my confidence. And for the past 6 or so years my legs have not seen the light of day. Even in the summer I would wear jeans, leggings or baggy pattered trousers. Not once when it was really hot would I wear a dress or shorts. This bugged my husband as he could see I was hot and suffering but I would not change my mind. He would tell me that it didn’t matter what anyone else saw or thought, that he loved me, all of me. But I was stubborn!

But this year something changed, my 30th birthday is on the Horizon, and I have spent most of my 20’s hiding away, but now I feel a new sense of change, of freedom. Most of the mummies around me have stretch marks, cellulite, weight where they don’t want it! But their kids and husbands, boyfriends or girlfriends etc still love them… And they all wear what they want to wear! And I don’t want to repeat hiding away in my 30’s like I did in my 20’s, I want to live life, and if that means wearing a dress or skirt and showing off some leg, then I will. But it will be one length at a time, I will need to do it at my own pace, and no one else’s.

So legs, I do apologize, and I will set you free more often to see life and not be banned from joining in with it. Also a big thank you to Momwithtatts for letting me guest post, and realising I needed to do this to be at peace with my legs and body.

Dear Legs, by Mercedes Prunty…

Dear legs,

You I feel are not my best friends,

or my favourite body part, but I think its time we made amends,

And had a little heart to heart.

I need you to walk, I need you to drive,

I need you to help me work and thrive,

But now I’m older,

You don’t make me smoulder,

In fact, your a mess…

But I must stress…

You were once pretty in a little dress,

A high heeled shoe and a tan,

But since having kids, stretch marks and cellulite,

I’m not your biggest fan,

The sun comes out but you do not,

I hide you away in the dark,

Wearing a dress or high heeled shoes,

Has become a little stark.

But I guess its time for me to say Thank you,

You have helped me live my life,

And I’m sorry to hide you, But I will get you out more,

And not feel pressured to put you under the knife,

No cosmetic surgery for me, but I do want you to be free.

So one step at a time, a dress will come but one length at a time,

And one day again, you will shine.

Poem Dear legs, by Mercedes Prunty Sept 2019

Mercedes xoxo

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15 thoughts on “Dear Legs,

  1. Aww thanks so much for having me, it was nice to sit back and think about my body and how much it has changed and how I have come to appreciate it, even if I’m not always it’s biggest fan. Xxxx


  2. I’ve gotten so many compliments about them over the years that I now consider them one of my best features! I show them off as much as I can to the dismay of my family and friends!🤦🏿‍♀️😜


  3. I can totally relate with this post! I will also confirm that it truly is liberating to let those legs be seen again!


  4. I love this! We often become super self critical over minor details that aren’t worthy of our time or energy. Instead, we should invest that same time into loving ourselves and simply enjoying the world around us


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