Womans Month Celebration Continues..

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Why Christian Women Over 40 Have It All Together.

As this is a guest post on 11 Years Of Nappies, I’d like to thank my gracious host, Simone, for allowing me to post on her site .

A woman in her 40’s is typically considered in the prime of her life. She knows what she wants and she knows how to get it.
She’s come to terms with who she is and who she is not, and she takes life in stride fully aware of each season that she is in.
There is a deep understanding of self and others. She’s got no time for games but isn’t afraid to have fun.

Why Christian Women Over 40 Have It All Together?

By the time a woman reaches 40, she has gained an enormous amount of experience and knowledge. She has learned how to gracefully and adeptly adapt to situations like a pro.
By using her innate giftings and learned skills, she is able to bring an unparalleled expertise to most every situation or circumstance.

A woman in her 40’s who has it all together is typically well-versed in life and love and is not emotion driven but common sense orientated.
This is not something that has happened by chance by but by will, continuous reflection of herself, and her faith in the One who has created her.

When it comes to relationships, whether it be her spouse, children, friends, or other family members, she has realized that what will be, will be.
She knows that God is her ultimate source of strength so that is the relationship she pours most of her efforts in. She knows that hanging onto feelings such as bitterness or hatred only creates more distance while carving out precious pieces of her heart.
The time for squabbling or quarreling is over and she holds no grudges for any past qualms.

Why a woman over 40 has it all together, is due to the fact that she has learned how to artfully be at harmony with herself and any past indiscretions, thus freeing her to live in the moment.
After all, the relationship one has with themselves dictates how they are to those around them.
She has learned that living in a world held captive by negativity, shame, or otherwise is a gateway to dead dreams, unhappiness, and a slavery in the mind that slowly drips out dysfunction with every word.

As it pertains to a career, this is usually established by this time. She no longer has a need to compete with others to obtain a desired position.
That being said, she also realizes that there is room to grow.
While her school years may be over, it in no way implicates her as being stagnant in her career. By keeping up with the latest trends in her field, she puts herself in a position to be called upon in any given situation which makes her an invaluable asset.
Rising to the top is what she does naturally and even if she is a stay-at-home-mom, she rocks it like a boss.
Taking charge is what she does, and she does it with grace, humility, and a beautiful competency that makes others envy her style.
Setting the bar high is just how she rolls and there is no excuse for a lackluster performance.

The woman over 40 that has it all together definitely knows how to have fun. After years of taking care of business to get her where she is, she no longer has to fear letting herself go.
There is a light that shines from within, reaching people through honesty, laughter, and confidence, all portraying a woman who has loved, lost, and conquered.

Her many life experiences have brought her to a place of comfortability while rewarding her with the ability to let loose and let it be.
Fun has become her middle name, no, her first name and she is gonna live up it ‘till she can’t no more.
Her desire to impress is not absent, just refined. There is a calm inner strength dominating her behaviors thus creating a full-grown liberty in her mind.

Achieving this level of awareness has not come easy but only by the blood, sweat, and countless tears that consumed her earlier years.
It is only through her sufferings, trials, and tribulations can she stand strong with her head held high claiming rights to a fearless attitude.
Being confined to normalties is not her style. She would rather live and have fun than sit through a moment of regret.
Her lifestyle has become one that is inspiring, educational, and full of fire sparking newness, curiosity, and delight to all she comes in contact with.

It is her complete sense of self that provides a gentle confidence and hopeful joy to those around her.
Thus, the entire reason why, Christian women over 40 have it all together.


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