MCM (Mom Crush Monday)

This is our last mom crush and no better way to end it than by having me.


I am Simone Phillips from South Africa, 34 years old. Married to an Amazing man, Robert Phillips for the last 13 years, and we have 4 beautiful kids together aged 13,11,9 and 6.
We have 2 handsome sons Ethan and Micaiah and 2 beautiful girls Zoe and Eden.

I am mombloger, an Influencer, YouTuber and a brand ambassador for International companies.

I would describe myself as

— A Warrior (Strong)
— Love hard
— Loyal
— Self love obsessed (I cannot pour from an empty cup).
At the age of 28, I was a mom of 4. My kids ages then were 7, 5, 3 and new born. My journey as a mom has not always been easy. Motherhood has taught me how to love unconditionally, to support, to uplift and to compromise. It has shown me a strength, I did not know existed.

At the age of 21, I got married. A commitment I was ready for. Marriage has taught me compromise, compromise and more compromise it is not about just me. It has also taught me that as much as I believe Love is important in a relationship, respect and trust are just as important. Once I found me, once I became comfortable with myself and I embraced and loved myself first it has made it so much easier for my person to Love me because I now know who I am.

I have learned that I must have crazy, silly fun with my person. Laugh till the tears roll, till my stomach aches, dance to songs we love, sing to songs even when the note is way off and still continue because you believe no one can do better than the two of you.

Life has taken me on some Incredible and painful lessons. It has taught me some good valuable lessons sometimes I get it the first time other times I had to be knocked down a few times until I learn the lesson. I have learned that before anyone can Love me, I need to love myself wholeheartedly, fearlessly and unconditionally. No one else should come show you how you need to be loved, you set the standard. Life has shown me, everything happens for a reason just trust the process and enjoy the journey.

Also, what you have gone through in your life is not for you it is for someone else who needs your experience to get them through. We need to Inspire, Impact and give hope to someone. Someone needs us.

In my life I have so many moments I regard as my biggest achievement as a woman (not as a wife or mother), has to be me going on a self discovery journey and finding who I am, finding me and embracing me this has allowed me to now live my passion. After 15 years of being a corporate working mom, I left it all behind to become a stay at home mom, I started a blog, I am a YouTuber and a brand ambassador something I never thought I could do because I wasn’t sure of who I was, I was just floating along.

I would love for woman to celebrate each other, build each other up and to realize what lies deep inside them. Know your worth and never compromise that value. Go on a self discovery journey and find you, find yourself and just love on her.

An animal I represent is most definitely a lioness hence my latest tattoo on my back is the face of a lioness. I am a mama bear who takes care of her king and protects her cubs at all times.

A lioness symbolizes courage, strength, pride and royalty, that is who I am.

I relate to the lady with the issue of blood in the bible this can be found in the book Mark 5v24 — 34 and Luke 8v42 — 48.
This woman suffered with bleeding for 12 years, she spent lots of money for Doctors to help and heal her but nothing helped in fact it just made her issue worse. She heard Jesus was coming to the city then and there she knew she had to touch him no matter what. She was persistent, her mind was made up. She was touching Jesus and nothing and no one was going to stop her, and she did, and she was healed. Now I relate to her because of her persistent character, her not giving up spirit, her determination that once my mind is set on something it is almost impossible to change it. I relate to her in knowing that nothing lasts forever things has to change at some point but you need to make up your mind for that change to happen. With Jesus, all things are possible!!!

2019, I decided that I was intentionally setting blaze to this year. I will work as hard as I must make it happen. This year I would love for my blog to become a household name and for my posts to go viral. Have my 4 children books published and to start writing a book about my life and my journey. Share my story with other women to be able to Inspire, Impact and give hope to someone. I believe that we go through things in our lives not for ourselves but for someone who needs to hear your story, to be able to give hope. No better place than speaking to someone from a place of knowing, a place of experience.

I am Inspired by myself firstly, I will never forget where I come from good and bad it made me who I am today. My husband has an Incredible work ethic and is so disciplined he also Inspires me. My children, their smiles, their dreams and their future Inspires me.

Every mom has a mom struggle and mine must be letting go of my kids. The world we live in makes me wana bubble wrap my kids and just keep them safe. It’s hard for me when my kids aren’t around, it’s as if a part of me is missing.

I absolutely love music so does my family, we can sing at the top of our voices anywhere we are. My get up and go song must be Tasha Cobbs, no other name, I said this is my 2019 anthem.

My person describes me as being;

— Earth
— Iron
— Pure
— Fierce
— Sexy
— Straight
— Loving

Thank you to everyone who took part in my Mom Crush Monday, I appreciate the love and support.

I hope one person is Inspired by this.

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  1. Love this❤ You are truly inspiring to me and I have learned alot from you in this short time we have known one another. It was my pleasure to be one of your Mom Crushes for your blog! I love letting people get to know me and if one person was able to be touched by what I wrote…it was all worth it. Thank you for empowering and inspiring women all over!!


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