Affirmation Friday.

Let us affirm our children!

Today is affirmation Friday and this is something so near and dear to me.

We need to build up our children at home so when they step out into the world they know who they are.

Every morning and evening in our family, we have our daily prayer there after we have 8 affirmations we say twice daily.

We say:

1. I am worthy!

2. I am enough!

3 I am loved!

4. I am loyal!

4. I am trustworthy!

5. I am the best of the best!

6. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

7. I am blessed!

8. I am favoured!

We need this to be ingrained in them so deep that they know, that is who they are no matter what people say or do.

We need to instil love and strong words in them because their thoughts are who they become.

Last Sunday, we watched a show where a mother talked about her 13 year old who committed suicide because of social media bullying. This disturbed Rob and I so much that we sat the kids down and told them about the story then said to them, they must know we Love them dearly and that we will always be there for them even if they are wrong.

We need our children to know that we’ve got them whether they are right or wrong. They need to feel safe and secure to come talk to us about anything and everything even if they are wrong.

Bullying is not ok on any level and our children need to know the seriousness of it and the consequences of bullying.

Talk to our children with love and kindness, our words become their inner voice. Let that voice shout love and support.

Words we can say to our children daily:

1. I love you more than I love myself
2. I think you’re Awesome
3. You did a great job
4. You make me smile
5. I am so grateful God gave me you
6. Thank you for being an Incredible human being
7. I am so proud of you
8. I love being your mom
9. I believe in you

I cannot imagine my life without you
11. You are enough
12. There is no one like you
13. You are worthy!

Try at least 2 of these daily and be consistent and watch the change in them.

Let us be good to the next generation.


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  1. How wonderful for building confidence. I am going to make sure I say these to myself as well . 😀


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