Happy 12th birthday sonπŸŽ‚πŸ’•πŸ’œ

Happy 12th birthday to our second born, Micaiah Kethan Phillips.

12 years ago today at 19:00pm we had our second born. We were told at 7 months he was bridge and chances of him turning is slim. I was given some tips that could help him turn. And boy did I lay upside down, did I eat spicy foods (yes tons of heart burn) but I was desperate.

The thought of a c-section petrified me. I was totally against it. The day of birth, I asked to have one last sonar scan done just to be sure that he is still bridge. And he was.

He was born weighing 3.2 kg and I gained 18 kg during my pregnancy, but still happy though. He was perfect, and a happy baby. Very demanding.

Micaiah was a breast only baby, when I say breast only, I mean breast only. No bottle, no formula, no pacifier and no solid foods. He was so attached to me, at 4 months I had to leave my job because he was not coping at nursery school, with a day mother, nothing worked.

I was with him all day and night and it was exhausting because he wanted no one so what we decided that I bath and feed him just before Rob got home so once he was asleep I would drive to my sisters place for a cup of tea and just some alone time. It really helped me breathe.

He was not a people’s person at all. He didn’t even have a birthday party and did not like school, he would cry every morning when we dropped him off. It didn’t help that the potty training teacher put so much fear in him that he was fearful of using the bathroom, so potty training took very long with him.

At the age of 1 and half, he decided he was ready to leave our bedroom and become independent. From that moment he has grown into an Incredible young man with dreams of playing for Liverpool FC to being such a live wire and joker with a contagious laugh, a beautiful heart and a helpful spirit.

Our prayer for you son, is that you go on and be Great, live life to your full potential, and that everything your heart desires come to pass.

Micaiah Kethan Phillips you are an absolute blessing to us, and we are honoured to parent you son.

We love you son.πŸ’•β€