Celebrating Women.🥂

Today we have our very first women sharing her achievements with us. She is an Incredible, strong and powerful women.

Abby is a 33-year-old Christian daughter, sister, wife and mum of one little girl aged 11 months old. From Ghana but based in Surrey, England, she’s a writer and financial services professional and has an educational background in Gender & Politics, which makes for an interesting variety of topics on her blog engenderedconvos.com

I absolutely love this because we need to go back to the basics.

The basics: How to keep keeping on?!

We beat ourselves up a lot as women. It’s no wonder because we bear the responsibility for a lot: the success of our marriages, the welfare and development of our children and maintaining our own sanities while we’re at it. That’s a lot!

That’s why it’s so important to celebrate the victories. Big and small. On days when I’m struggling with the prospect of not accomplishing certain things when I think I should, I start to count my blessings. Starting with what some would think of as the basics.

Today, I’m proud of myself for becoming. For becoming an adult and taking everything that comes with it in my stride. Don’t get me wrong — I don’t mean working hard to get higher up in my career, becoming a wife and now a mother have been easy. The very opposite is true. All three and especially the last two have been the toughest but I’m proud of how I’ve handled it all so far.

I’ve learned so much in the last year alone and sharing my lessons with people makes the lessons even more worth it. Let me toot my own horn a bit (who else will?) and count just three things I’m grateful to have achieved: I’m taking personal responsibility for my own mental health. I’ve learned to sift through a variety of pieces of advice about my child and for the most part, I’m parenting based on my faith and what my gut tells me (I believe the latter is informed by the former!) I’m refusing to entertain anyone or situation that makes me uncomfortable without an opportunity for growth (that’s very few things though — there’s usually an opportunity for growth in a difficult situation) These may seem minimal to some. Vague even.

My point here is that the world likes to be able to point out the tangible achievements to see that a person’s accomplished something but that’s not how it should be.

Those three points there are my basics and my basics are how I’ll be strong enough to achieve more — tangible and otherwise. As women, it’s these kinds of so-called basics that sustain us. More than money and material things, they’re what I’ll be focusing on building up in my daughter(s).

Thank you, Abby for reminding us of the basics. 💜

Do check out Abby’s blog and show her some love.


6 thoughts on “Celebrating Women.🥂

  1. This is such a great reminder! There really is a reason to celebrate every day if we allow ourselves to take a step back and look at the ‘little things’. I often forget to do this, so it’s something I needed to hear


  2. Amazing post! unfortunately, people nowadays are judging our achievement based on how much money we make, or what firm do we work for,however in life there are so much more than materialistic stuff to be called achievement! (which are more important in my opinion), thank you so much for sharing this !


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