Watch “#Momsdiary” on YouTube

Today I did a video just sharing my 2 encounters with 2 mom’s over the last 2 days.

Let’s encourage each other and be kind mom’s. Our road is not easy, spread kindness, share your stories because someone needs to hear your story.

You are not alone. 💜

Take care of yourself mama’s.

Your mental health, physical health, emotional health should be your priority. You matter mom.💜💗

Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog and reading my post.

11 years of nappies.


7 thoughts on “Watch “#Momsdiary” on YouTube

  1. Oh, amen, mama! So well put! When they are ready, they are ready! And there is no forcing them there!!! And we can ALL encourage each other more in our parenting journeys!!!


  2. Thank you for this wonderful message. Appreciate the reminder that yes, we matter. It was very timely. Exactly what I needed to hear today.


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