Self Awareness!

Self love! Self care! Self awareness!

Self is something that is so important to us mom’s, but we don’t pay enough attention to it.

Self love and self care starts with you, starts with me. Starts with us changing our mindset and doing some serious introspection. During this self discovery journey we discover so much about ourselves some things are great, some we love and some are not so nice, but we then start having conversations with ourselves, to change these.

The best part of this journey is, you find you. The real you. Not the one with the mommy hat or wife hat, but you. You learn your strengths and your weaknesses, you learn that certain things or people aren’t good for you.

Self love and self care means you do come first it is important to take care of you first because you cannot pour from an empty cup. Taking care of you means your family and friends can only benefit because they get the best of you.

It is also important for our partners to understand that we need a break from time to time. We can’t always be on the go, we need to breathe. My husband and I communicate well on a daily basis, this allows us to stay in sync and on the same page at all times.

Today he sends me a message saying, this weekend I am on leave. I must do absolutely nothing, just rest and hibernate. He will see to the house duties and the kids. This is so important because he allows me to just rest and fill up my cup so when I start pouring out on Monday, my cup is full.

This journey allows you to discover, what I call the 3 most important C’s for any mom. You begin to become and feel Confident, Content and Comfortable.

Stay aware mama.
Self love
Self care
Self awareness.

Find you. You are worthy! Take care of yourself mama’s.

Your mental health, physical health, emotional health should be your priority.

You matter mom.💜💗


9 thoughts on “Self Awareness!

  1. We all need that little break now and then. Hubby and I have been married 52 years and he has always shared in all the daily chores. He’s also an awesome cook so tells me to stay out of the kitchen, he’s get dinner covered!

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    1. A HUGE congratulations on 52 years of marriage, I salute you. That’s Amazing. My hubby is also an Amazing cook.


  2. This is such an important post. I feel like a lot of Mommas out there allow themselves to be lost in the shuffle, focusing on their husband, on their kids, on the household, etc. However, you’re not going to be able to continue caring for everyone else unless you take the time to care for yourself!


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