Couple Crush🥂

On the 7th July, Rob and I celebrated 15 years together. No not our wedding anniversary, but of us being together.

On the 7th July 2004, Rob asked me to be his girlfriend and of course I said yes. Fast forward 15 years later we have 4 beautiful and Incredible humans, we have endured many trials, experienced many joys, shared tears, enjoyed many laughters and now have 3 matching tattoos.

I look back 15 years and I thank God for his Grace and for having his hand over us.

Marriage is not an easy road but if 2 people make a conscious decision and effort to make it work they become unstoppable.

What has 15 years of being together taught us?

Simone: It has taught me to Love unconditionally, fearlessly and that Love always wins. Its showed me that you never give up on your person even when they are at their weakest, you hold them, encourage them and sometimes not say a word just be there. Being with Rob has allowed me to grow, it has allowed me to find me. Understanding your person makes your journey so much easier and smoother because you can love someone but never understand them.

Robert: It has taught me that being on the same page and pulling in the same direction is the reason why we made this far. Somehow we always reset, adapted and handled our challenges.

What is the one thing you never thought would happen?

Simone: That we would have 4 kids, our squad, that we would literally buy nappies for 11 years and today we have blog and it is becoming a brand name across the globe.

Robert: From being such a party animal, alcohol consumer and woman lover to turning into a loving husband and dedicated dad. From being badly hurt to being healed and accepted and finally becoming a man.

What do we admire most about each other:

Simone: I admire the Love he has for his family, this love drives him to always give his best and be his best in his career. Rob has overcome a lot in his life and yet has such a forgiving and giving heart, he has a heart for people which for me is a beautiful quality to have. He is very diplomatic but. Don’t come for me or his children. He is an Incredible dad.

Robert: That my wife is such a lady. Faithful and loving. The fact that she is damn sexy is just God showing off in my life.

Would we change anything about our journey?

Simone: No, our journey brought us to this point.

Robert: Never

How would we define, Love?

Simone: Love. I look at Robert and he is Love personified. Love is not only when we have everything and all is going well. Love is when Rob and I at one stage had nothing, we were having white porridge for Sunday lunch and I looked at him and thought, I wouldn’t want to have this porridge with anyone else. When you are at a low as a couple, you then know and understand what love is, it’s not all rainbows and sunshine.

Robert: Facing our mean dark sides and still finding the strength to accept each other, heal and move on. I always say, before I met Simone I was a demon. Her love turned me into an angel.

Any future goals as a couple?

Simone: To enjoy the next phase of our journey, raise our kids to be strong solid human beings. To build our empire and to travel the world.

Robert: To travel the world with her.

Rob is the poet for my warrior spirit, I love him for the man he has become and I trust him with my life.

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