Happy 14th Birthday to our eldest son.🎁❤🎂


Happy birthday to our gentleman, our smile keeper 🎂🎁🎈💗

14 years ago, we were blessed with you. We have walked this life journey with you having so much love, so much pride and the utmost gratitude. You are such a gentle soul and as you grow into your own man I pray that you will always know your dad and I love you more than you can even comprehend.

You were our first, you paved the way for your siblings. You came and showed me what it truly means to love unconditionally.

Watching you grow has been an absolute blessing and being your parents is an honour.

Today, I salute you for the man you are becoming. Do not let anyone take away your calm, your peace, you’re gentle spirit and your beautiful smile.

Stand firm son, know who you are and know your worth.

You are worthy.

I love you son. You make my heart and the depths of my soul smile 💜

Always remember you have a family that will always have your back. We will fly together, we will fail together but you best believe, we will get back up together. We will always be a Phoenix.

You are a force that you will not be a tame or keep quiet..

So the next time you say the name Ethan remember this.

The name Ethan means – Strong, optimistic, solid, permanent and enduring.

You are calling strength, solidness and wisdom.

The name Ethan appears 8 times in the Hebrew bible.

1 Kings 4;31
Psalms 89 – title
1 Chr 2;6 and 2;8
1 Chr 6;42 and 6;44
1 Chr 15;17 and 15;19

He was a standard of wisdom to whom King Solomon is compared favourably.

Remember, who you are..💜