Put the world on pause⏯

Sometimes as a mom, it is needed. Just Pause.

Everything and everyone can wait for you to either fill up yourself or to spend time with the ones who matter.

For those that don’t know, I was attacked in my home by another mom on the 2 January 2019, with my kids in the house, all because I wanted to talk to her about her 4 kids seeing that she works in another province and her kids were unsupervised most of the time. I managed to open an assault charge against her so the case started being heard in court.

On the 3rd May, yes my birthday we were in court, she showed no remorse for what she did, the case was postponed to 26th June.

On Wednesday we appeared in court, and I was asked if I wanted to meditate, I said let’s hear what she has to say. This was the first time since the incident on the 2nd January that I have spoken to her. She came over to myself, my brother, my sister, the prosecutor and her attorney, with her attorney and apologized to me for her behaviour, she apologized for the pain she has caused me and my family. But.

There was no sympathy and no remorse in the apology. During the very brief meditation session, her attorney was so rude and completely disrespectful toward me, as a result I decided to continue with the trial.

Trial began on the 26th June and I took the stand, I was asked questions by both the prosecutor and the accused attorney which I answered. For the first time I heard the accused statement and my word. The blatant lies, I was blown away. She alleges that she came to talk to me on the day of the incident and I pushed her and I became very aggressive. To prevent herself from falling down the stairs she had to grab me and that is how I was bruised.

I stood there and thought, the lengths people will go to save themselves, the society we live in does not take accountability and responsibility for their actions.

But I asked myself why would she apologize to someone who attacked her?🤔

But those are questions to be asked at the next date.

I had a very draining day, physically, emotionally and mentally.

Therefore, I decided to put the world on pause and I spent my Thursday with my squad ❤💜

Here is the link to the video I posted the day after the attack.