Tattoo lover 💗❤

I am an absolute lover of ink, it is my way of expressing my journey, my experiences and my love.❤

I literally wear my love on my sleeve. I am not ashamed of my journey or my story.

Rob and I got our 3rd matching tattoos yesterday. No pain, no gain.

Our 1st was our King and Queen crowns, Rob has the King on his left wrist with his initial R and I have the Queen with my initial S this we got for our 11th wedding anniversary.

Our second we got last year October and we put a lot of thought into this one, we didn’t want the norm. We wanted something different. We decided to get each others thumb prints, yes very different and we loved it, still do. Rob has my thumb print on his left hand and I have his thumb print on mine.

And yesterday we added to our collection. We got the lion and lioness tattoos on our left hands. Our favourite by far.

A lot of people don’t like this matching tattoo idea because apparently we dont get married for life anymore. I get comments like, now you cant leave him??🤔 I have no intention of leaving him, he is my forever person.

Like we buy our partners beautiful and expensive gifts to celebrate a birthday or an anniversary, we just get tattoos.

Do the gifts not last forever?

Nonetheless, we are ink lovers more me than Rob but I appreciate that he enjoys what I absolutely love.

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