She turns 7..

Yes, our baby girl Eden Zyon turns 7 today. Our second daughter, our 4th child and our last born..

Today 7 years ago on a cold and rainy Tuesday morning at 7:30am, we were in theater. Eden was delivered by C section.

Rob has been to every one of our gynae visits, deliveries and he cut the kids umbilical cords but somehow for this birth, he said to me, he doesn’t want to see me in that way anymore. He prefers being next to me, holding my hand.

For some reason during Eden’s birth, my body went into complete shock. My body was ice cold, the nurses had to put fans underneath the blanket blowing warm air on my body, my blood pressure dropped hectically. This delayed her delivery.

During all of this, I closed my eyes and said to God, I am done. I cannot do this anymore and my body cant either. I had tears running down my cheeks, Rob looked at me and said, no more.

Eden was delivered and I was sterilized right after.. I was in tons of pain but having my little girl was the greatest joy.

She has been an absolute joy and pleasure since day 1 and her name fits her charater all too well..

So, today I wanna wish my baby a very happy and blessed birthday. May you be blessed beyond your measure Zyon.

I asked her today what she wants for her birthday she responds, a million rand mommy😯😮🤣 Classic. The whitt and personality she has is incredible.

She says this morning, mommy seeing that I am 7 can I be on Instagram?🤣 I say not yet but who would you follow if you had to be on Instagram. Her responds, only Mo Salah then asks me if Jesus is on Instagram🙈. I said no baby Jesus is not on Instagram. She turns and says ok I would just follow Salah (liverpool supporter)

An absolute blessing. I hope the world is ready for Eden Zyon.


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