#MCM (Mom Crush Monday)

I am So Excited!! And absolutely Inspired👌

Today we have yet another Beautiful, Amazing, Talented mom on the blog, whom I am Inspired by.

She is a blogger and her blog has been nominated for two Sunshine Blogger Awards! 🥂

Her entertainment blog covers Music🎼, Movies📽, Sports,⚾️ and Entrepreneur inspired stories along family matters.

Here she is.

My name is LaFrieda Smith, I am 41 years old and I am originally from Cleveland Ohio. Me and my family have lived here in Florida for almost 8 years. I am married to my husband Brian for 20 years.

Describe yourself in 3 words:
I am compassionate, inspiring and talented.

What has motherhood taught you?
Motherhood has taught me 2 things, one, no matter how much you show concern and love for your kids…they will always surprise you with how resilient they are, and it makes you love them even more. Second, my kids are watching and listening to everything I do, and it shows in how great human beings they have grown up to be.

What has marriage or your relationship taught you?
Marriage after 20 years has given me the definition of what love truly is. Me and my husband are not perfect at all, but we complement one another just the same. We started our journey with a 14-year age difference, different race backgrounds and the whispering of those who did not approve of our relationship. Over the years, times have changed and through the love and determination we have together, we are able to conquer anything for many years to come.

What are some life lessons you have learned?
I have learned 4 things over the years. First, don’t be an overachiever. Relax and do only what you are good at and take things slow.

Second, everyone does not have to be your friend. I am currently working on forgiving people for misuse of my time and focusing on engaging with people who share the same interests and want to grow with me in my journey.

Third, exercising patience. I am one to fly off the handle when people don’t do exactly as they say they will and follow-ups have become normal when dealing with people, so, I must be a little more patient with people’s time schedules.

Talk about a situation you had to overcome, how you dealt with it?
A couple years ago, I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety after Hurricane Irma hit Florida……which was my family’s first hurricane along with having a family illness that made me very sad.

Last year, I was told after years of pain that I had 2 herniated discs, degenerative disease and arthritis in my back…so that sent me over the edge.

Finding out that I could never work again in my field, I had to find ways of coping with the pain physically and mentally. I decided to start a blog…. which is something I have always wanted to do but never had the time. Anytime I have something to say, I write it and it turns out, I am great at what I do so it is now my way to deal with my pain.

What is your mom struggle?
My biggest mom struggle is raising 3 teenagers who are on 3 totally different wavelengths. I am addicted to my teens and will do anything for them but as soon as I think I have them all figured out, they change again. Love them to pieces, though.

Your biggest achievement as a woman? Not as a mom or wife
As a woman, I have been able to inspire others who share my same passions. I have been able to teach other women how to truly love what they do.

My greatest accomplishment is being nominated for the Sunshine Bloggers Award 2x and just recently got recognized as an inspiring woman for the organization P.O.W.E.R, Professional Organization of Women of Excellence Recognized, for entrepreneurial businesswomen.

My blog will be featured in the July 2019 issue of P.O.W.E.R magazine.

Any advice to other moms, wives and women?
As a mom, I just recently learned that I need to take care of myself first. Do this ladies as a mom, wife and even as women. We are the glue that holds our families together and without us, things start to fall apart.

We, as women, must remember that we are human beings and are sensitive to things, can get hurt and angry when things don’t go right. So, when we play all our roles, make sure we set an example for our families and the world by putting our best self-forward.

If you could be any animal, which would it be? And why?
I’ve got the eye of the tiger and that is my animal of choice. I am fierce, a boss and I am very protective of my family and friends.

What are 2 things you are looking forward to in 2019?
I am looking forward too many, many, blessings to come in 2019. So far, this year has been filled with wonderful connections made, awards won and honorable mentions. I am excited about my blog following growing by the end of 2019.

Ask your partner to describe you in 3 words?
My husband says sexy, head strong and intelligent.

Wow, I am Inspired. Thank you LaFrieda for sharing your journey as a mom with us.

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