Squad Goals..👌❤

Today the squad stayed home and we decided on a chill day..

We got up at 8:30am but only got out of bed after 9:30am (its needed)

Before getting out of bed I read this and really thought about it but before I started over thinking things and getting into my feelings about things I cannot change, I thought hey…

Focus on things you can control and that you can change.

With that thought, I got breakfast started.. Breakfast served at 10am, kids had cereal with tea and hot chocolate. I couldn’t resist a bowl of jungle oats. Jungle oats with nuts, chunky fruit pieces, a drizzle of honey and dash of nolac milk. No better way to start my Tuesday. Yummy yum yum👌😋

After breakfast, we got cleaning. For us it is so important to teach our kids about cleaning and being responsible. Our kids clean their own rooms, do dishes and our girls have learnt to take washing off the line. This is not just about preparing them for life and their partners but it empowers them to be able to do things on their own. The best thing in life is to be able to do things for yourself..

At 1 we were hungry and it was time for lunch. The squad asked for french toast except Ethan (his allergic to both eggs and nuts) and that’s exactly what we had..Yummy 👌😋

We lunched and just chilled. The kids watched movies and lazed around..

Let us be good to the next generation and empower them..

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