Today we have, Shatilla Gainey a single mother of 2 who lives in a small town in North Carolina. She has 2 children, 5 and 3 and my 5 year old has sensory processing disorder.

She is a 8 year survivor of domestic violence, diagnosed with PTSD, Anxiety and depression. She works in Education, a billing specialist for a mental health company and run an inspirational T-shirt business on the side.
The A-Word……….. Abortion

Right now abortion is a hot topic in America right. Several legislative measures are being passed putting restrictions on abortions and the country is in an uproar. I am 98% pro-life. Situations are never just black and white and there’s always a what if this what if that for every situation.

I say 98% pro-life for two reasons, a victim of rape who become pregnant and or during EARLY EARLY genetic testing find out your child a condition and for example a 5% chance of survival or a life of suffering. In these instances, I understand why women choose the path of abortion however even in these horrible situations there’s always another option.

I completely understand that carrying a child after a rape can be traumatic. You do not want the reminder of what happened every time you look at your child or even feel the child’s movement inside you but adoption is still an option. There is a woman out there who was told she will never be able to birth her own child and your tragedy will be her blessing.

Secondly, I do not feel that it is our right to decide the quality of life of a child or whether they should experience life at all in the instance of the genetic condition. I completely understand the rationale because who wants their child to live a life of suffering, and selfishly but completely normal we all want a healthy child.

I am a Christian I’m not what I call those Super Christians who condemn you to hell for every single sin, or judge you because of your choices. However, I do stand firm in my faith and I feel that only God has the right to begin and end life.

The pro-choice citizens are in an uproar because they feel the government is stepping in to territory that they have no authority which is a women’s body and her right of choice. I completely get that.

The logic is “you can’t tell me what to do with my body,” some people do not consider a baby a “baby” until it is actually born…….and here’s where I’m on the fence again.

I do not feel that the government should be able to tell you what you can and cannot do if you have made a conscientious about your health. However we see it all the time in the news parents who do not want to vaccinate their kids and then the child gets severely sick, parents who do not want to utilize modern medicine to treat their dying child and would like to use alternative methods and the courts says no. As I said no situation is black or white. They all are grey areas.

As you can see I do not agree with abortion however I do not feel that I have the right to judge any female whatever her reasoning is for having an abortion. I can’t imagine the struggle she must face in making such a decision.

I will always be an advocate for women, equal rights and pushing the fact that hey women just rock. I always want women to make informed decisions in every area of life not just pro-life, pro-choice.

However, I do feel more dialogue and more education is needed on the issue of abortion and the alternatives to the decision.

🌻 Shatilla A. Gainey 🌻