Weekend in the life of..


02 June 2019 (Happy 40th birthday to my sister🎉💞🥂)

Friday, my day wasn’t too crazy. I dropped the squad off at school by 7:00am and went straight to my sister to go do my nails and for her to do her hair.

The squad was fetched from school at 11:00 by my eldest sister because they wrote their exam in the morning (1st session). They chilled at home with my sister until I got home. I did my norm around the house, but I was drained. Had a hot bath and my cup of tea by 7:00pm, and we got visitors once they left I crashed.

Rob worked so the kids and I planned our morning. The girls and I left at 8:30am to go buy a few things, but we were back before 10:00am. Didn’t do much, Rob fetched the boys to go to the barber we got ready to go to my nephews 3rd birthday party Celebration. We had tons of fun, laughter, dancing good food and Amazing company. Nothing like Family ❤💞.

We had a slight accident, the kids were all on the jumping castle and Zoe and Micaiah bud heads, Zoe head hitting Micaiah’s eye. It was swollen and sore. We put an ice pack on it and gave him something for pain and the inflammation.

While we were at the party, Rob baked yummy cupcakes and made our very first fire in the fireplace. When we got home, The house smelt heavenly and was so cosy.

We left the party at 8:10pm because the best team in HD world was playing the Champions league final, and we were not going to miss it. And Liverpool made us the happiest household by winning. We couldn’t stop the excitement, a well-deserved win for an Incredible team with the best manager in the world. #liverpoolfc #liverpoolfans #liverpoolfamily #YNWA
As a result we only went to bed way after midnight.

Only got up at 8:00am, we were beyond tired. Rob brought me my morning water and I chilled in my bed until 12. Got up to a clean house, Rob cooking lunch and the kids chilled. I had nothing to do. Micaiah’s eye swollen shut and blue😮☹We chilled in our Pjs until 4, Rob and I had a bath and dashed to the shops to get a few things and medication for Micaiah’s eye while the squad studied.

Got back the squad had a bath and I dished up, while Rob made a lovely fire in our fireplace. Rob made a delicious chicken curry and rice served with gem squash and carrot salad. 😋😚

Chilled vibes…Sometimes its needed.

As a mom one must just give yourself a day off..