Hey there.

Let me tell you a little about my mom life..

My name is Kimberly. I run a small business training company. Iam from Canada, and have two kids in total.


I had a teenage pregnancy, I kept her for around a year and then ended up adopting her out to her grandparents (on her fathers side).

From there I went through life until I met my life partner, we got pregnant very fast, had a daughter, bought a home, I worked as a medic out of the home a lot, he was mostly home with her and working full time.
Eventually he got tired of me not being home all the time and being constantly stressed out, so left. And took her with him since I was working a long time in a row without being home.

There isn’t really babysitters for a week at a time.

So I have some experience with what it is like to still have kids in your life, but have them separated from you.

After he left, I travelled around the world trying to cope, met a lot of really great people and when I came back, started a business and wanted to do something more out of my life.

So I did that for a year, learned a lot. Now I have moved to Vancouver, where my youngest daughter lives, and I see her once or twice a week.

Most of my life is now focused towards giving and figuring out how I can make the biggest impact with the world, while being a distance mom.

Honestly it’s a hard story for people to swallow, I’m not exactly a role model.
But I am sure there are another mom out there with a similar story that probably feel worse about it than I do. So, just putting it out there 🙂