Day in the life of..

Me.. Its that time again…

30 May 2019..

Before I get into my day, a lot of people have asked me, do I have a helper? And how do I manage?

Let me answer both.
No, I don’t have a helper. I take care of my home.


Motherhood has taught me whether your mom to 1 or 4, one must be prepared, stay 2 steps ahead and you must have a routine. My kids are in a routine and it works, and keeps me sane.

After school the squad knows to unpack their bags, put their uniform in the wash, do homework or study, shine or polish their school shoes. Once lunch is done they wash up. They relax for an hour, and then they start doing homework or studying. Thereafter, they pack their bags for the next day and line them up in the dining room, and they lay out their uniforms in their rooms for the next day. Everything is done before the kid’s bath at night, this eliminates running around in the morning looking for stuff. I have 1 rule for week day mornings, Do not upset or shout at the kids, make sure they go school happy, I don’t like the squad being unhappy and starting their day off sad or unhappy.

Now that’s out of the way.
My day.

Early start to my day but earlier than usual. Why? Because the squad wants to be at school at 7:00am they need more play time in the morning, and I am happy to oblige.

Morning drop off was done by 7:00am, got back fed our pup, Marvel. Today is mats and towel washing day, while the machine was going I cleaned the house. Thereafter, I hung up the washing. Got ready to leave.

Today I just thought it would be good to be out the house and get a breather. Went to the mall to get few things for the house and got to exchange Zoe’s unicorn tights for the right size, it was a birthday gift from her granny. Once I was done, I thought why not sit, breathe and take time out for me. I sat down at Fournos had a red latte and a chocolate croissant. Sometimes one just needs to shut down, relax and take time out for yourself. I shared my mom moment on Instagram and had a repost of my post by Fournos.

After my alone time, I stopped by at my sisters. Which is always a blast. I always leave with a sore tummy because we laugh so much. Great fun. My sister, Shaz bought Zoe the nicest pair of unicorn slippers and she was over the moon.

I fetched the squad, got home fed our pup. The boys made lunch for everyone while I was busy cleaning up my accident. I filled water in a bucket to soak the kids white school shirts but when I bent down to pick it up, I got this hectic pain in my lower back, I let go of the bucket and the kid’s bathroom had a slight flood. Tons of cleaning up but I got it done. Then… I get into the kitchen and the milk I bought had a slight hole, so I had to transfer that into my milk container and clean up.

At 4:00pm the boys and Zoe went to study and Eden started her homework. While she was busy with that I started ironing. Every Monday Eden gets a set of spelling words which she needs to practice and learn daily because she has her test in class on a Friday. So I tested her today on her words and 2 sentences, and she got a perfect score. Super star.
Eden is so chuffed with being able to do shoe lace she sat and did her sisters lace.

Studying finished at 5:30, My ironing was done I signed the squads diaries, and they lined their bags in the dining room. It was bath time. And at 6:00pm we decided to bake some vanilla cupcakes because Rob was working late we thought why not. And not just vanilla cupcakes we had to pour custard over it. We chilled and enjoyed our treat.

I got to have a hot bath after 7 and just chilled, I was so tired and my back was so painful. After 8 I prayed with the kids and put them to bed.
I got to catch up on work and Rob came home at 9:00pm and I enjoyed a nice cup of tea with Marvel sleeping on my chest.

Its 21:53pm and I am off to bed. It’s been a heavy day.
Night Night 💕💞