Day in the life of. .

29 May 2019.

Another busy one.

Early start to my day. Got the kids up at 6am our normal routine got started.

Everyone had a bath and changed by 6:30am, the squad including our pup, Marvel. Today we actually left earlier than normal, we left at 6:50am, the squad loved that because it means more play time with their friends.

After the morning drop off, got home started with our sneakers. Today was sneaker day, yes I washed the squad sneakers and if you know us, you know we love our sneakers. Yes washed them all and lined them up by 8:15am. Did our laundry next, then changed the linen in my bedroom and washed all Marvel’s bedding.

Cleaned the house and sat down to have breakfast at 10am. Got ready and left at 11 for my hair appointment because I absolutely dislike untidy braids. That took 3 hours. Did my afternoon pick up just after 2pm.

Made the squad lunch, washed up the lunch dishes and lunch boxes. At 4pm the boys and Zoe started studying and Eden and I started her homework. Today I had to teach her Gr 1 mental maths, how we hop back when we minus because we taking away and how we hop forward if it is an addition sum. Took us some time but she got it. We will do daily practice to help her get better.

Once the homework was done, I started cooking the quickest meal and the squads favourite, spaghetti and mince. While that was going I started ironing.

Then Eden decided to bring in all the sneakers and asked that I show her how to put in her lace because she wants to learn. That’s what I did, showed her once, and she did it. She’s an absolute super star 👑💫💜

She’s got her own #Edenmagic💫

Soon after Rob came home, the squad had a bath, I dished up their supper and made Rob a cup of coffee. Let’s not forget our pup, she too got her supper. The squad washed up the dishes and watched a movie.

After a busy day I am tired, had a bath then supper followed, and a lovely cup of tea.

Now, time to work.
Night Night💞