Day in the life…

Of me..


28th May 2019..

Early start to my morning, got the kids up and ready by 6am..

Made breakfast for the squad and our pup, Marvel. Started the washing machine dashed out at 7am..

Morning drop off was done by 7:20am After a busy day yesterday I just wanted a chill day today. Got home took Marvel outside, opened up the house gave it a good clean, hung our washing and worked in between.

Had a good cup of coffee☕ at 11 and had breakfast while I caught up on some work and I chilled in my bedroom until it was time to fetch the squad.

Did my afternoon pick up at 2pm, stopped to buy a few things before coming home. The squad had lunch and chilled until 3:30pm, then started studying and Eden started her homework. After homework, she said, mommy my brain and I are tired, I am going to nap.😂And she did.

I love how she refers to her body parts as a third person.💜🤣

While she napped and the others studied, I did our ironing.. Once done everyone packed their clothes away and at 5:30pm, the boys got the bath ready for the girls.

While the squad was bathing and changing, I prepared supper. On the menu was French toast and tea but Ethan had plain toast because his allergic to eggs. While I was busy Rob arrived and my load became lighter..

Had supper then I sorted the kids past papers which they use to study while Rob prepared their lunch boxes for tomorrow.

Rob and I caught up on each other’s day, and he told me he has a surprise for me which his paying for tomorrow 🤔intrigued and excited at the same time.

Had a nice, long hot bath at 7:30pm.. Prayed together as a family at 8pm and the kids went to bed. I caught up with work while Rob chilled and watched sport.

That’s me..

My day summed up. I am just a regular, real mom.

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