Day in the life of…..


I am gonna start sharing my days with you guys. Some days are crazy.😮🤔


Monday 27th May.

My day started at 5:20am, I had to her ready before the kids because I had to go to high schools for our eldest son, Ethan’s high school applications.

Once I was done, I woke up the squad and got them ready, had breakfast, fed our puppy, Marvel, and we left.

I did the morning drop off by 7, and I was off to 3 different schools. I had to hand in the completed application for supporting documents. That took me about an hour and a half. In between I had coffee which I made at home in my flask.

One of the schools is my high school which I matriculated at in 2001. It was Amazing being back and to top it off I saw 2 of my previous teachers. It felt good to back.

Got home by 9:30, had breakfast and saw to Marvel. Then I thought instead of going back to bed, I am gonna clean up, do our laundry and started cooking at 10:30.

I made a beef potjie with dumplings then thought why not bake coz I have the time. I made delicious soft chocolate muffins. And still had an hour to just chill and have tea.

I fetched the squad at 2, we got home made them lunch, helped Eden with her homework while the boys and Zoe study. Once the homework was done I caught up on my ironing.(Yay, it was needed)

The kids had a bath at 5:30, I dished up supper at 6 and Rob walked in soon after. The kids washed up and cleaned the kitchen. I rented them a movie on box-office, How to train your dragon. Rob made their lunches for tomorrow at 7 and at 7:30, I got to just lay in a hot bath with a delicious cup of tea.

At 8pm, I finally get to catch up on some work.

That’s me. My busy #momday

Good Night.💜💞