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Today we have a talented and Amazing blogger, Caroline Cardwell. A mental health therapist in an Intermediate school. She blogs about faith and women at abundancetribe.net


Do I parent intensely?

Do whatever you do intensely. – Robert Henri

Makes me think, do I parent intensely (intensely in a good way, of course, not in a hovering helicopter parent kind of way).

Do I tell myself — there is a moment in which I need to be completely there —

I can grab it?

I am learning about this concept at work, but how is my parenting being affected?

Am I asking myself to put in overtime, to forgo breaks, or (am I doing it right) to explore adventures with my children that will last a lifetime of memories?

Am I evaluating myself and giving myself glorious and glowing reviews?

I believe right now I am a good and better than mediocre mom.

My practice is going to get more intense. I’m going to see the opportunity to excel at mommy-ing.

I’ll let you know how it goes!

I enjoyed this one… Do check out this mama’s blog.