Another Monday which means another beautiful mom shares a bit of her with us..❤💞

Here she is..

I am Nuhaa Khan, Living in Johannesburg and I have 3 boys. I am loving myself for now.

If I had to describe myself in 3 words it would be;
Awesome, Strong, Unstoppable.

Motherhood has taught me to be
strong and fierce to believe that no matter how many times I fall I have to be strong for my boys. It has taught to laugh even if my heart is broken and to be the best superhero my son’s will ever know.

Some life lessons I have learnt is,

No matter how many times you fall get up and smile because everything happens for a reason just breath. Relax…
God has a plan for you that will never fail.

My biggest achievement as a woman would be Self love.
Learning to always put myself 1st.

Advice I would share with other moms, wives and women, would be, we are all special in our way unique way there will always be somebody better and strong then you but remember be yourself.

The animal I would love to be is,

A lioness, because it is fierce, strong she is a hunter leaving the lion behind to hunt and look for prey to feed him and their cubs.

I relate with The story of Job in the bible … no matter how many times Satan tried to mislead him he still believed that God will never fail

In 2019, I am looking forward to…
lol only positive things. I hope to travel more and to just relax more.

I asked someone close to me to describe me and their response;
Kind, Crazy and Loving.

There you have it, another strong, beautiful, talented mama bear.

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